The Science of  Maintaining a Youthful Life

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Healthy Living Tips

Pair O' Docs Bio-Rejuvenis of Shreveport, Louisiana promotes healthy living to perform well in every aspect of life.

Whether it's skin care, stress or physical health, we help you discover personalized tools to achieve the quality of life you desire.

12 Steps for Nutrition

As lifestyle consultants, we provide tools that promote wellness. 

"The Integrative Nutrition Plan," by Joshua Rosenthal.

1. Drink More Water
2. Practice Cooking
3. Experiment With Whole Grains
4. Increase Sweet Vegetables
5. Increase Leafy Green Vegetables
6. Experiment With Protein
7. Consume Less Meat, Dairy, Sugar, Artificial Junk Foods, Coffee, Alcohol, & Tobacco
8. Develop Easy & Reliable Habits To Nurture Your Body
9. Have Healthy Relationships That Support You
10. Find a Physical Activity You Enjoy & Do It Regularly
11. Find Work You Love Or a Way to Love the Work You Have
12. Develop a Spiritual Practice


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Skin Care

Our skin is the largest, fastest-growing organ of the body.

Achieving radiant, soft, and supple skin requires both internal and external care.

Internal keys to great skin include healthy nutrition emphasizing hydration and antioxidants.

A sound skin management system creates a more youthful appearance.

Studies show that external skin care should include a five-step layered technology.

Five Steps for Healthy Skin

Step 1: Cleansing - Establishes a Soft Smooth Texture
Step 2: Rejuvenation - Improves Firmness & Softens Wrinkles, Giving a Lifted Appearance
Step 3: Resurfacing - Improves Sun Damage & Pigmentation Issues
Step 4: Hydration - Improves Skin's Moisture to Help Reduce Inflammation
Step 5: Protection - Against UV Damage Keeps Skin Healthy & Radiant